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Commercial and Domestic solutions throughout East and West Sussex

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4G, 5G and LTE installation and repair – NuDigital LTE, reliable and experienced engineers. Innovative cost-effective solutions for commercial and domestic clients throughout East and West Sussex and areas of Kent.
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Installation and Repairs

Our team of experienced engineers has supplied and fitted many LTE 4G and 5G mobile signal boosters, internet routers, WIFI access points as well as many Digital TV aerials and Satellite dishes Across East & West Sussex, Lewes and surrounding villages. Providing our customers with many choices of WIFI access points (WIFI booster) such as Ubiquiti, Proception and Clear Flow, with models intended for internal or external use. Mobile phone signal repeaters help boost mobile signal reception in rural areas which suffer poor signal strength or have no network coverage in that area, another example of customers experiencing network signal issues who  live in newly built or refurb properties built with insulation which is blocking signal reception. The systems we install are suitable for environments, large or small, providing single or dual band GSM network coverage as well as 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G data distribution. Mobile broadband routers, are great solutions for environments with no telephone point available or badly located. Internet router such as the Huawei Gigacube can be placed where ever you desire, the only router requirement is a one mains power socket. Mobile broadband routers can be purchased outright or purchased with a monthly tariff, exactly the same as a mobile phone contract with data choice’s  tailored to you. We also supply and fit TV and  radio aerials suitable for all services, Freeview TV, DAB and FM radio, and satellite dishes required for Freesat, SKY and European TV service reception. Having gained much experience and expertise from past experiences and training, utilizing benchmark equipment achieving the strongest signal reception and distribution.



We always inspect pre-installed systems first, before any work commences, diagnosing associated equipment and cabling. Once diagnoses has completed, we will happily discuss advising our clients of the options available and the best cost-effective solution, and plan a course of action. We always advise if an existing system can be repaired or needs to be replaced. If you simply wish to upgrade, adding to your system or require a first-time installation.

We always advise if an existing system can be repaired, upgraded or simply to be replaced. Should you wish to upgrade, adding to your system or require a first-time installation, our van is equipped with stock ready for resolving problems. NuDigital LTE  is here to help!


About Us

We look to provide a solution to each individual client, whether it is a project (large or small) or to a commercial or private client who would like to make the most of their business or home. By Installing mobile phone signal booster systems, WIFI booster access points and mobile broadband routers, working independently of landline cabled infrastructure.

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  • Mobile Internet routers
  • Mobile Network signal boosters/ repeaters
  • WIFI access points
  • Ethernet hubs and switches
  • HDMI systems
  • CCTV security
  • IRS systems
  • IRS multi-room
  • Multi-room cabling
  • Ethernet cable Cat 5, 6 and 7
  • Coax cable – single and twin core
  • Coax cable with power twin core
  • TV mounting
  • Freeview TV
  • TV aerials
  • DAB and FM aerials
  • Aerial amplification
  • Aerial splitters and combiners
  • Freesat TV
  • SKY TV
  • SKY multi-room TV
  • SKY Magic eye
  • Satellite dishes
One year parts and labour guarantee for all new installation

NuDigital LTE

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We aim to provide a safe and courteous service to everyone, whatever their status. We pride ourselves in providing a service to customers who are vulnerable, elderly or from any background. We always work on an equal opportunities for all basis.

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07414987000 - 01273480353

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