Dual-band Phone signal boosters, improving Mobile signal reception

Mobile Signal Booster / Repeater Nikrans LCD-300GDW

Nikrans 4G, 5G and LTE telephone booster image

The Nikrans LCD-300GDW is the latest triband repeater model that amplifies the mobile signal for GSM voice calls and 3G high speed Internet. One of the most useful features of this telephone signal amplifier is the LCD screen providing several options such as setup tutorial, error notes and solutions, and system information.

As for GSM voice calls, it supports two frequencies, 900 and 1800 MHz respectively. As far as 3G signal amplification is concerned, the LCD-300GDW is programmed to 2100 MHz. Moreover, if your operator’s 4G network is deployed at 1800 MHz, you will automatically get your 4G signal amplified. Nikrans LCD-300GDW is capable of covering an area with a range of approximately 300 m2 (3300 ft2), making it the ultimate choice for villas, offices, schools, shopping centres, large apartments, and underground pubs.

GSM And 4G Repeater Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

Nikrans LCD 250 gsm 4g pro image

Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G PRO is a GSM+4G booster designed for improving the quality of phone calls and the mobile Internet. This connection type permits you to improve the work of any mobile applications you use (Skype, online browsing, chatting, VoiP). Moreover, it will also serve for boosting GSM services (voice phone calls, SMS).

The 4G signal repeater works at 800 and 2600 MHz for 4G and 900 MHz for calls which are the most common signal standards for different mobile providers in the UK and all over the world. As an additional bonus this booster can improve 3G Internet in case your operator provides 3G at 900 MHz band. The booster is suitable for small areas of about 2500 ft2 (250 m2), for example, apartments, small private houses, offices, studios, garages, etc.


5-Band Signal Booster Nikrans NS-300-Smart

Nikrans ns 300 smart 5 band image

Nikrans NS-300-Smart is all-in-one booster system that improves voice calls at GSM 900MHz and 1800MHz3G Internet at 2100MHz and LTE connection at 800 and 2600MHz. In simpler words, the mobile phone, smart repeater is the best choice for amplifying all types of signals supported by your network.

NS-300-Smart is a quad-band system compatible with absolutely all mobile operators of the United Kingdom. The coverage area is up to 3,300 ft(300 m2), sufficient enough for indoor locations such as private houses, spacious apartments, shops and offices, etc.

Every Nikrans signal booster has CE and RoHS certificates ensuring that this device is 100% compliant with international health & safety laws.

Order NS-300-Smart booster now to guarantee yourself excellent signals for voice calls and 3G/4G internet!

4G Mobile Signal Booster Nikrans NS-2500GD Dualband

Nikrans ns 2500 gsm 4g pro image

NS-2500GD is a dualband 4G mobile phone signal booster that amplifies a mobile signal at two frequencies, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz at the same time, and is apt to drastically ameliorate the GSM signal reception of all the operators in the UK. Moreover, if your provider uses these frequencies to deploy its 3G/4G Internet network in your neighbourhood, you will get an added advantage of getting these signals of high strength.

It is effective for amplifying low signals in spacious areas that otherwise are not easily covered, such as giant shopping malls, offices, supermarkets, underground parking, and conference halls, etc. The maximum coverage area is up to 21,600 ft2 (2000 m2).


Mobile Phone Booster for House Nikrans NS-5000GDW

Nikrans ns 5000 gdw image

The mobile network signal amplifier for house is NS-5000GDW is a triband repeater that boosts three signals for your smartphone, including GSM 900 MHz & 1800 MHz and 3G 2100 MHz. These frequencies are commonly used to transmit data and voice services by mobile service providers in the EU and the UK in particular.

It is extremely effective for large areas such as office buildings, shopping centres, underground cafes, and giant halls, providing massive coverage of up to 3 000 m(32 300 ft2). This is an all-in-one solution for your communication needs.

If your network provider supports 4G LTE at 1800 MHz, this booster will also amplify this signal. It means that you get boosted voice, 3G, and 4G (only if your network supports it) signals with only one device!


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