Huawei Dual Band LTE WiFi Routers

Huawei 5G CPE Pro, LTE 5G Dual Band WiFi Router

Huawei 5G Gigacube CPE pro image

Plug and play, enjoy the new Gigacube broadband effortlessly. Powered by the Balong 5000, the HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro makes it possible to enjoy ultra-fast broadband connections with a 5G SIM card.* Designed to be lightweight and portable, it can be carried anywhere you want easily and enables you access networks more freely.

Antennas, specially designed for better signal reception To capture signals more rapidly, we developed the dual X full sub-6 GHz antennas which are small in size, but have high signal sensitivity. The dual-polarized balun antennas ensure 360° coverage. No matter how you place your HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro, signals will be received successfully.

5G / 4G / Fix-line Networks, speed accelerated. The HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro supports both 4G / 5G networks and fix-line networks. You will get a more stable and fast Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to stream a 4K video without lag.

Stay connected with the smart dual-band WiFi, thanks to our smart dual-band WiFi, WiFi coverage of the HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro is extented in both vertical and horizontal directions. Streaming videos upstairs or Skyping from your garden office is easier than ever.

Perfect for small businesses in addition to homes, the HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro can also be used by small and medium enterprises for super-fast and simplified network access.

Simplified Networking: VPN — L2TP, PPTP, IPsec protocol.
Easy to build VPN client / VPN Passthrough mode. *Some VPN functions require a customised version to achieve. IPv6 — IPv6 / IPv4 Dual stack
Remote management: TR-069 protocol. SME IT engineers can remotely manage and control devices on the network.

Huawei 3 Pro, LTE 4G Dual Band WiFi Router

Huawei 4G router 3 pro image

The 4G WiFi router provider, with no need for the carrier to install or configure a cable in your home. With the portable HUAWEI 4G Router 3 Pro, just insert a regular 4G SIM card to provide the whole house or a meeting room with fixed wireless broadband services.

High speed, strong signal, dual-core Balong chipset in the HUAWEI 4G Router 3 Pro delivers a maximum download rate of 300 Mbit/s.2 And, with the two built-in high-gain 4G antennas and two external antenna interfaces, the signal stability and strength of coverage area are vastly improved.

The HUAWEI 4G Router 3 Pro supports dual WiFi bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and also combines them into one visible signal. You will have a smooth and stable WiFi experience without having to manually select the best signal.

With 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual-band 1167 M WiFi, HUAWEI 4G Router 3 Pro is suitable for more than 100 M broadband. The WiFi performance is 4 times higher than the previous generation.

Poynting 4G-XPOL-A0001 Cross Polarised 4G Omni LTE Antenna

Poynting 4g xpol a0001 omi lte aerial image
  • Poynting Cross Polarised 4G Omni LTE Antenna. Min. 2 dBi Gain across all bands
  • Frequency Range – 790~960, 1710~2170, 2300~2400 and 2500~2700 MHz bands
  • 2 x 5 metre cables included terminating with SMA Plugs
  • Dual Polarised, full LTE band Omni Directional Antenna for outdoor use
  • If you are unsure as to the location of the cell tower the XPOL-1 is a great choice of omni-directional antenna. If you are sure as to where the cell tower is then the directional XPOL-2 is a great alternative to consider.


SMA TS9 Splitter Combiner antenna for Huawei LTE routers

sma ts9 to y dual splitter combiner image
  • Connector type: SMA female to 2 * TS9 male | Cable type: RG316 | Cable length: 30CM | Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • TS9 Male is suitable for Huawei E3272,E5372,E5573 ,E5375,E5377,E5771,E8372 and so on
  • This cable adapter allows to boost the signal on a device, which has two connections to the antenna.
  • These Low loss pigtail cable, along with minimum attenuation and low VSWR have made the SMA connector extremely popular in the microwave community.
  • Package included : 1 pcs SMA Female to 2*TS9 Male Y-type Extension Cable RG316 30CM


Routers supplied without Sim Card - please seek advice from Network providers first

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